Why Tera?

  • We believe culture is a large competitive advantage, as such it requires constant reinvestment and nurturing. 
  • We make decisions not based on what can drive return now, but what creates the most value many years from now.
  • We are hedgehogs, not foxes. We dig deep, not wide.
  • We take simple ideas and take them very seriously.
  • We believe a person is only as strong as their word, we believe a hand shake is binding and truth undeniable.
  • We believe business exists to support its customers, employees and community. 
  • We live, eat and breathe software.

how we add real value

Lots of people talk about adding value and say lots of words. We like to tell you exactly what we can do day 1. 

  1. We Bring Customers – we are relentless in using our network to source new customers and partners for our companies.
  2. Operating mentality – we are builders, not financiers.
  3. International expansion – our team has immense experience opening offices worldwide and we can help you quickly grow your footprint. Moreover, our advisors are connected or have served in governments worldwide.
  4. Tech development – we have a special purpose development team that can help on anything from design, product development and even project management.
  5. Data linking – we stay very close to Silicon Valley and come equipped with the latest technology and tools to help you better understand your data
  6. Sales force optimization – we have a strong history in dramatically growing sales by running very simplistic optimization models. We can review and implement in a matter of weeks.
  7. Boards - we are very quick to find opportune board members who can add value. Think former Fortune 500 CEOs, former government leaders or well thought of operators.
  8. Long term focus - we make decisions with a look to how it will impact the business 5, 10 and 20 years out.