Businesses are not just numbers. 


we value hard work

Our admiration for a founder comes not only from their end result, but from the journey that brought them there. 

Durability over speed

While much of the world is enamored with high growth, we value longevity

longevity can only be created if everyone wins

Businesses are competitive. To be a continuing concern over generations, a business must find a balance between keeping customers happy, managers happy and investors happy (in that order). There is no great business that maximizes one at the expense of another.

Be sincere

Authenticity matters. Never operate in a manner that is not honest to who you, your business or family are. In the end stakeholders will always value sincerity over obedience. 

Be Patient

As the always quotable - Warren Buffett has said, “The stock market is a highly efficient mechanism for the transfer of wealth from the impatient to the patient.”      

Excellence comes from experimentation, not design

You cannot force innovation, only inspire it. Don't be scared to play.